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The EcoMobile was introduced in 2004 to promote environmental education to schools in rural Xinjiang.  Exhibitions, videos, games quizzes, competitions and tree planting activities were organized to increase the knowledge and awareness of students. During a period of 5 years, this project had a reached a total of 132 schools, more than 120,000 students and teachers.


In Foshan Gaoming, the EcoMobile was launched in 2007 and had visited more than 80 schools and 60,000 students in the greater Foshan area in China. In 2011, with the support of China Light & Power, the EcoMobile was re-launched. The new EcoMobile is a hybrid vehicle and has a 3-D theatre inside. The EcoMobile has provided a new learning experience to school children from over 30 schools in the greater Foshan area.   



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